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Matt Anderson M.Ed

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Emergency Preparedness

The objective of ABCHD’s Public Health Preparedness Program is to ensure Public Health Preparedness and establish the capability to respond effectively to bioterrorism, other outbreaks of infectious disease, public health threats, and emergencies. Responsibilities include the following:

Assessment and Planning

- Development of new and assessments of existing plans, procedures, staff, equipment, and resources.

- Establish community collaboration with local emergency response agencies to ensure local preparedness efforts are complete.

- Exercise Emergency Response Plans on a local, regional, and state level.

Communications and Information Technology

- Maintain communications (telephone, fax, email and satellite) with healthcare providers, hospitals, law enforcement, emergency response personnel, and other health departments to ensure rapid dissemination of information.

Education and Training

- Provide training to key health personnel who are tasked to respond to public health emergencies.

- Coordinate education and training with other health and emergency agencies.

- Provide training to community members who volunteer to work in Mass Dispensing/Vaccination Clinics.

- Organize and participate in emergency drills.

Risk Communication

- Ensure that health/risk information is readily available to the public during a terrorist event or natural disaster.

- Maintain relationships with various media outlets to ensure rapid dissemination of information.

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