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Matt Anderson, Coordinator

606-329-9444 ext. 232



▪  Inform and recruit community volunteers who would be asked to
work Mass Dispensing/Vaccination Clinics in response to
a bioterrorism attack, pandemic, or a crisis within our community.

The MRC is a national organization that pre-identifies and trains health care and other community members for a disaster before there is a need. The mission is to provide additional manpower to increase the effectiveness of public health in the event of a crisis and improve the health and safety of our community be organizing and utilizing public health, medical and other volunteers.The MRC includes medical, public health, emergency responders both practicing and retired and also non-medical community members with an interest in becoming trained to crisis in public health emergencies.

The Ashland-Boyd County Catlettsburg MRC, through the health department, offers free training about current health topics and opportunities to help your community during times of crisis due to both man-made and natural disasters.

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