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Shelby Hall

Environmental Health

Program Manager

606-324-7141 ext 295

To report an animal bite to the ABCHD within 12 hours in accordance with KRS 258:065, please call 324-7141.

To report after hours, fax the report to Environmental Services department at 606-324-7213 or call the next working day.

Environmental Services

The environmental services program at a local health department is a complex combination of services with the objective of a safe and sanitary environment for the citizens it serves.

The environmental staff at the Ashland-Boyd County Health Department conducts inspections/surveillance on various locally regulated establishments such as restaurants and schools to identify potential environmental risk factors associated with infectious disease and safety. These activities help to ensure compliance with public health laws (under Title XVIII), regulations and sanitation standards.

Education and information are provided to the regulated community and the public to achieve compliance and decrease the need for enforcement action.

Other areas of responsibility include ensuring that residential sewage and waste water is properly treated and disposed.

Rabies control includes vaccination requirements for domestic animals such as dogs and cats, animal quarantines, and animal specimen submission assistance when laboratory testing is needed.

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