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Maria Hardy



○  ABCHD staff investigates reportable diseases.

○  Utilize several surveillance programs to monitor and rapidly detect unusual disease activity within Boyd County.

○  ABCHD maintains a trained Epidemiology Rapid Response Team (ERRT) of health professionals across several Public Health disciplines to respond during a disaster or emergency situation.

Reportable Diseases that health professionals are required by 902 KAR 2:020 to report to the health departments serving the jurisdiction in which the patient resides or to the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH).

REPORT IMMEDIATELY BY TELEPHONE to the local health department or to the Kentucky Department for Public Health:

- Unexpected pattern of cases, suspected cases or deaths which may indicate a newly recognized infectious agent.

- An Outbreak, Epidemic, related Public Health Hazard or act or Bioterrorism, such as Smallpox.


Ashland-Boyd County Health Department in Ashland

Telephone: 606-329-9444

SECURED FAX: 606-324-1023


Kentucky Department for Public Health

in Frankfort

Telephone: 502-564-3418 or 1-888-9REPORT (973-7678)

SECURED FAX: 502-696-3803

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